See Change Conference | Allison Arling-Giorgi
Allison Arling-Giorgi, senior strategist at Energy BBDO speaking at See Change 2015.
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Allison Arling-Giorgi / Senior Planner, Energy BBDO

Energy BBDO


Allison Arling-Giorgi is a senior planner at Energy BBDO. With major brand clients including SC Johnson, Bayer, PepsiCo, and Wrigley, Energy BBDO proves that, under the right conditions, a little energy can quickly become something big.

Allison’s work, focused on youth consumer research, helps clients engage in the digital, social and cultural lives of young consumers. She was recently quoted on FRONTLINE about how brands need to reach young people. “They are so focused on what’s happening with their peers, they’re very group-oriented, she said. “They’re doing their own form of market research.”