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See Change Conference on visual communication at the University of Minnesota with AIGA Minnesota, the College of Design, the School of Journalism, and the Weisman Art Museum
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Barry Kudrowitz / Product Designer



Barry Kudrowitz is an Assistant Professor of Product Design at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. He received his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Mechanical Engineering department studying creativity, humor, and idea generation and completed his Master’s work at MIT studying projectile toy design with Hasbro Inc. and his Bachelor’s at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. In 2006, he was a visiting researcher at TU Delft in the Netherlands studying industrial design and surprise in products.

Barry works on projects combining design, art, and the entertainment industry such as amusement park rides, toy product design, and design television. He holds two patents and currently has a Nerf® toy on the market. Most recently he created a partnership called Popcorn Tuba LLP which released a game for the iphone called Word Bounce available at the iTunes store.

Barry has designed special effects and has worked on animatronics and storyboarding for 5-Wits, an interactive entertainment company. He helped design an elevator simulator for Operation Spy an immersive adventure show at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC.

In 2005, he hosted and produced a design television pilot called “Designerds!” The show featured interdisciplinary teams of graduate students competing in a product design showdown.

Working with his former advisor David Wallace, Barry recreated the Archimedes Death Ray. The Death Ray is actually an array of mirrors which was used to set a wooden boat on fire and can be seen on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters Episode 46. Barry was also a consultant and guest client for DesignSquad, a design television show for high school students currently airing on PBS.

In 2005, Barry developed the award winning Catsup Crapper® the first ketchup bottle to roller skate to your plate and excrete a mound of ketchup. The Automato is the new iteration featured on The Martha Stewart Show and Conan. With a team of graduate students, he designed and patented a new form of coring endoscopic biopsy needle which preserves tissue histology. These needles will help oncologists when determining the nature of a tissue sample.

Speaking of tissues, Barry also studied bathroom tissue.

Barry is the co-founder of MIT course 2.00b Toy Product Design which will be offered at the University of Minnesota in the College of Design in Spring 2011 as DES 3170. In the class, students work with children and local toy companies to experience a product design process. He was a lab instuctor for the undergraduate MIT Product Engineering Processes course (2.009) for many years and also the teaching assistant for an MIT graduate level product design class (2.744).