See Change Conference | John King
See Change Conference on visual communication at the University of Minnesota with AIGA Minnesota, the College of Design, the School of Journalism, and the Weisman Art Museum
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John King / Fallon



Like a lot of Gen-Xers, John graduated from Boston College in the mid ’90s, his English major and film studies minor in hand, convinced he’d be the next Affleck or Damon. He had spent a few summers renting VHS tapes as the cashier at the local Mr. Movies, after all! Unwilling to leave Minnesota, and realizing his Hollywood dream would likely be diminished to making wedding movies at mom-and-pop shops, he turned his attention to the most creative job he could find that still paid every two weeks—advertising.

Growing up at Fallon, John has held a wide variety of jobs including director of account planning, chief communications officer, and director of brand innovation. John loves Fallon because he sees a rare combination of shine and soul. The Fallon that delivers breakthrough work on the world stage is the same group of people who waits for the entire team to deplane rather than bolting to the parking lot when returning to Minneapolis exhausted after a late-night flight. John brings competitive fire to the CMO role at Fallon, drawing all the motivation he needs from a sign that used to hang in the Kansas City Chiefs’ locker room: “IT IS EASIER TO WIN THAN TO TRY AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU DIDN’T.”

At See Change, John will be sharing how Fallon has helped The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas create “stories” instead of the clichéd “secrets” Las Vegas has become synonymous with. King will illustrate how “Just the Right Amount of Wrong” drives everything for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas brand from the digital columns in the lobby to menu selection and promotions.