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Nigel Holmes / Explanation Graphics


Born in England, Nigel Holmes studied illustration at the Royal College of Art in London and then freelanced for magazines and newspapers for 12 years before coming to America in 1978 to work for Time Magazine. He became graphics director and stayed there for 16 years. At Time, his pictorial explanations of complex subjects gained him many imitators and a few academic enemies. But he remains committed to the power of pictures and humor to help readers understand otherwise abstract numbers and difficult scientific concepts.

Since 1994 he has run his own business, Explanation Graphics, explaining all sorts of things for a variety of clients. These have included Apple, CVS Pharmacy, The Smithsonian Institution and United Healthcare. He also does graphics and illustrations for publications such as The Atlantic, Harper’s, and The New York Times.

He has written six books on aspects of information design, including most recently, Wordless Diagrams and Nigel Holmes on Information Design. His first book for children is Pinhole and the Adventure to the Jungle, will be published in 2010.

He’s lectured all over the place, and sometimes includes singing in an effort to endear himself to audiences. (Everyone tells him to keep to his day job.)