See Change Conference | Paul Hogan
Paul Hogan aka Garrison Dean, filmmaker and advertising director with Better than Famous, speaking at the 2015 See Change Conference at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.
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Paul Hogan / Director, Better Than Famous


Paul Hogan has been working at making a living and entertaining people with the moving image in one way or another for 15 years. Initially working in television on shows for Comedy Central, MTV, GSN and the rest of the lower rungs of basic cable, he decided that he needed to make full use of his education in film, design, and fine arts and branch out on his own.

Paul spent time freelancing video and motion design work for clients such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, and TBWA/CHIAT, then revitalizing production for Barkley, working for clients like Quiznos, Sprint and Spirit Airlines.

While paid work was enriching and fulfilling, his free time was spent making a name for himself online with geek pop-culture videos and content. No paycheck is as joyful as hearing one’s mother say with confused excitement “Did you go viral?!” This work led to him being featured in USA Today, AdWeek, LA Times, and most importantly tweeted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He currently is a founder and Creative Director at Better Than Famous.